Live and let live

Dear world, live and let live. This has been my life motto since… forever!

I currently live in Zurich, Switzerland and I noticed not a lot of people wear color. Everyone is walking around with grey, black or white. As if they would be scared to stand out or show their true colors. We do live in a world with people full of fears, sadly.

I bet everyone knows the phrase “You are how you dress yourself” by now. Don’t get me wrong, I love wearing neutral colors, just not 24/7. We express our personality through choosing colors, materials, different kinds of cuts and styles. And what i see is a bunch of beautiful people in fear, pressure and in confusion. So, what do we do when we feel all of those things? We don’t want to get noticed and we are afraid of judgement.

That voice inside your head is dragging your spirit down. It wants you to suffer and it wants you to feel trapped for a lifetime. And that’s really easy nowadays. Choosing the color Black is easy. It fits to everything, so you don't really have to worry about the matching shoes or a matching scarf or as I mentioned earlier, people noticing you. That’s the ego. Get rid of that f*cker!

If someone has ever judged your outfit, they might have been unaware that it’s the personality they are judging without even knowing your precious personality. Because, if you wear too much color you’re a clown and some might not take you serious. Bullsh*t.

Color is joy, love, light, positivity, expression, fantasy, happiness, motivation and inspiration. Every color has its meanings. Of course you don’t have to agree. I just like to share what’s on my mind and gather information of what I witness on a daily basis while in the aware. I am not afraid to share my thoughts, feelings and my true colors.

Help yourself by throwing yourself bluntly into the fire. Just do it. Wear whatever YOU want. Wear it however YOU want it. Wear the pink, zebra printed coat that has been hanging around in your basement for years. Wear everything with confidence. Set a statement. Prints, cuts, styles, slogans, colors, patterns who the f*ck cares?

EVERYONE. Once you start changing for the better, everyone starts to care. Because somehow you are growing. You are blooming like a flower and they are still “everyday black attitude”.

But don’t let them pull you back. If they really care about you, they will support and understand your transformation. If not, they will disappear out of your life naturally. You just have to let them. Go with the flow while trusting the universe, always accept and let go.

A few weeks ago I bought a pajama set made out of cotton, super soft and comfy. Its bright red and has white hearts all over. I’m mentioning my eye catching pajama, because I’m wearing it right now while writing this paragraph in the Ukrainian Airport. I’m literally wearing a pajama to travel back to Switzerland. And when I write pajama, I mean only the pajama. I don’t like bras and I just got a laser treatment so, I’m definitely not wearing panties. Can you imagine how comfortable and free I feel? I paired it with a red, varnished winter coat and black Timberland heels. Yes, lots of people stare and I even got compliments.

It’s because I wear it with confidence. I love myself. I’m thankful everyday. And I know I look good in anything. That’s confidence not arrogance. If I were arrogant, I would have never written this paragraph and I wouldn’t care about humanity. I care about YOU. In order to feel free and so unbothered I want you to spread your colorful wings and express yourself, please. Do it for yourself and the ones you truly love.

To the designs the Models are wearing:

Red/yellow outfit designed by the young newcomer designer, Melsa Polat.

Two-sided print outfit designed by the young newcomer designer, Gian Balci.

If you like different, then please go and support them on their social medias @Gianbalci and @dysfunctional.zurich. They just started on their very own which I am so proud of! I see so much passion and potential in these two young designers and I truly believe in them for their great rise to success one day. I’m very thankful for this collaboration with these two Artists, because they made my vision come to life for this particular project.

Models:         Adriana Mastrangelo and Jenny Bruehlmeier

Designer:       Gian Balci and Melsa Polat