We are not "Testers"

We are not a “Tester”

This project is about living beings not being “testers” for others. We are all familiar with the saying “life is a test” Yes, correct. Life gives us chance, opportunity and change. The universe works in our own favor. Every individual has their own path and that is what you should be working for daily for short- and most importantly long-term results. I’m talking about your passion. The one thing, that completely sets your soul on fire. Many of us seem to have lost their true passion and purpose in life. Due to crisis, stress, pressure, laziness or expectation of a boss, teacher or parent etc. This is all controlled and hopefully no new news to you. I really want to bring the awareness back and advise to every single precious person to connect with thyself. Now, there is a huge percentage of the world population that let themselves be controlled, fooled, manipulated and tested, without even noticing. And that’s not your fault at all. It’s the way we grow up by others influence like; news readers, politicians, teachers, lectures, trends, magazines, commercial, TV, social media and even family sometimes. What matters here is your attitude towards it. One of the keys is to evolve and grow. Change your perspective, turn the wheel and you will become the captain of your own ship.


 A huge Thank you for the group of models.



Melsa Polat

Silvan Rempfler

Jheffry Mercedes

Sulamith Devadas