My very first project to show you guys! And there are many more to come.

It was an early cold winter day in December 2017. The first snowflakes danced to the ground and I went for a walk in the forest with Toby, my wonderful Pug. And all of a sudden inspiration hit me; I decided I would do a photo-shoot in the forest when there would be lots of snow, an ideal environment to showcase an editorial make-up look.

And that’s exactly what I did 2 months later. I am a spontaneous person, and talked my good friend into the project not until the morning of the day I had picked for the photo session. Lucky as I was she was all in and could make herself available for the afternoon. So we headed out into a cold but beautiful winter day for a photo shooting.

To me, this project shows that make-up is art; it is limitless and you can go totally crazy with it. And always wear it with confidence! A huge thanks to my model and friend who played along and supported me.



Model                         Jenny Landeck

Location & date Zurich, Switzerland, December 16th 2017