My name is Kimberly Cortés. I grew up in the states half of my life and the other half in Switzerland. Currently I live in Zurich.

The truth behind me is they call me a crazy “psycho” artist. Haha, are there any artists that are not crazy? See it as you want. In a world full of illusions, manipulation and judgment I still feel free. You see, I built my own reality and express it through art. In that goes: photography, dancing, acting, singing, drawing and painting. I`m a creator and I love to be limitless.

There are no rules in art, it is never finished only abandoned. And the best part is every individual uses their own imagination to create a so called “personalized message”.

Why I share my art? Because I want society to wake up, be alert and live with clear vision. I like to share reflective of the world we live in. Of course only if you, dear reader are willing to see with different eyes. Take a walk in my shoes. They might not be as comfortable. You might get blisters. Or they might feel cozy, light and free. That is your own decision and experience in reality.

On my site I share my truth, my opinions, my inspirations, my experiences, my thoughts, my feelings, my visions = my art. The projects I share is my production only, no one else touches the models or photography. Unless I perform collaborations with other artists, which I am always open for.